The need for daily defense:

Every single day we are bombarded with potential threats to our health: an endless number of new virus strains in the air, bacteria contaminating our food, parasites in our water and so on. Add to that the growing number of man-made threats to our health. These come in the form of air and water pollution, pesticide residues in our food, industrial toxins, and hazardous chemicals spilling into our water supply.
Stress also threatens our health in a major way. It may come from external sources, such as temperature extremes, excessive noise or bright lights. Stress may also come from internal sources, such as poor digestion, aging or even our own thoughts. There is also the stress of personal relationships.
Whether internal or external, from our environment or body, or even our thoughts and relationships, forces are constantly pulling us out of balance. Our immune system is designed to push us back into harmony. And this it will do if it is working smarter, not harder.
We need immune intelligence if we are to lead a balanced, healthy life. Let’s face it: Without our immune system we would simply be defenseless!
Smart defense
Our immune system is like a defense force mobilizing for a battle. The first task of our immune militia is to distinguish “self” from “nonself”; that is, what things belong inside our system and what things do not. A smart immune system accepts “self,” but keeps a wary eye on “non-self.” A good example of this defense function is when we are exposed to bacteria. We have literally trillions of bacteria cells living on and in us. Immune system intelligence decides which of these are useful and which must be kept out of our body.
Our immune system is also a peacekeeping force. New discoveries about its functions indicate that it creates harmony between our mind and body. It also creates harmony between us and the people around us, deciding who makes us stronger and who compromises our health. Our immune system has many more complex and amazing components.
The scientific and medical communities estimate that our knowledge of the immune system doubles about every three years
Here is what we can be sure of: We cannot survive without an intact - and intelligent - immune system.
Illness is really a disharmony produced by trauma or injury, toxins from inside or outside our body, deficiencies in vital elements and toxic emotional distress. In order to prevent disease and achieve wellness, we must restore harmony. We need harmony between our mind, body and environment.
Our immune system is the great harmonizer between our inside world and the world outside our body. Have you ever heard an orchestra play a symphony? Every instrument has a unique sound. Each plays a unique part in the masterpiece. The conductor brings out the best in every musician. Even the acoustics of the environment enhance the performance.
Our immune system is like an orchestra playing the most complex, yet elegant and beautiful symphony you can possibly imagine! Our DNA serves as the sheet music for a lifetime of harmony. Various immune cells floating in our bloodstream and embedded within our tissues are like individual instruments, each with a single purpose: to harmonize the outside world with our inside world.
10 Steps To A Smater Immune System
Be stronger and live stronger with these simple tips for keeping your immune system working at peak performance.

1. Look on the bright side Is your glass half full?

If so, you’re on the right track: A University of Kentucky study found a link between optimism and improved immune response.
2. Skip the sweet stuff

The average American consumes 150 pounds of sugar each year, but as little as 75-100 grams of sugar can impair white blood cells’ ability to fight off bacteria
3. Cultivate your friendships

Friendships do more than fill your social calendar: they may protect you against illness. Ohio State University researchers discovered that lonelier people have a harder time fighting off infection.
4. Get your zzzz’s

Losing just a little sleep can increase your susceptibility to illness: one study showed that fewer than seven hours of sleep tripled the risk of catching a cold.
5. Don’t neglect the “D”

Scientists from the University of Copenhagen found that Vitamin D triggers T Cells, the cells responsible for detecting and destroying “foreign invaders” such as bacteria and viruses
6. Get moving

National Institutes of Health reports that exercise helps your immune system fight off simple bacterial and viral infections.

7. Dump the drinks

Brown University researchers discovered that excessive alcohol (more than two drinks a day) is toxic to certain immune cells, affecting their ability to fight off microbes
8. Eat right

A balanced, nutritious diet provides immune-enhancing vitamins and minerals, including zinc. Ohio State University researchers found that zinc helps keep immune response under control by helping prevent runaway inflammation
9. Laugh it up

Research from the University of California Irvine College of Medicine showed that laughter enhances the antiviral and antibacterial capabilities of the immune system.
10. Wash up

Talk about working smart, not hard: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that keeping your hands clean is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of infection and illness
You are the sum total of your 75 trillion cells, and if your cells are healthy then you are healthy. We often go through life thinking about having a healthy heart, liver, lungs, brain etc, when we should really be thinking about having healthy heart cells, liver cells, lung cells, brain cells etc! You could say that the quality of your life is determined by the health of your cells. In his book Redox Signaling; The Science of Healing Revealed, Dr Gary Samuelson (who holds a PhD in Atomic and Medical Physics) …“All health challenges can be linked to damaged cells.”
We Live and Die at the Cellular Level
Redox Signaling Molecules are Foundational to Cellular Health

In the last decade over 7500 studies on Redox Signaling have been published in international, peer reviewed scientific and medical journals, making it one of the fastest growing areas of health science. These studies clearly demonstrate that Redox Signaling Molecules are absolutely foundational to your cellular health and proper function, helping your cells protect themselves, detect damage and then either repair or replace damaged cells.
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